Game design + Scripting



  • Game Jam: Spelkollektivet 2019 (During Ludum Dare 44)
  • Jam Theme: Elasticity
  • Time frame: 48 hours
  • Genre: Two-player brawler
  • Engine: Unity
  • Software I used: Unity, Aseprite

Made by

  • Cajsa Larsson
  • Gabriel Hector
  • Pierrick Pamart
  • Rikard Carlsson

The “join game” screen. Art by Rikard Carlsson

This game is a competitive two-player experience where each player tries to pull the other into lethal spikes. My responsibility (after the initial brainstorming) was pure level design on this project. I made some placeholder art and started blocking out the levels. By the end of the two days we had fifteen playable one-screen levels in the game.

The very start of the fourth round. The old lady has match point with her two cups of coffee.

This was the first game project I worked on where I felt we got off to a flying start and it let everyone just focus in on their own aspect of the game. For me this meant that I pretty much had two days to make as fun levels as possible and in the end it really turned out to be a game I still play with friends from time to time.